Two Important Things To Teach Your College Graduate About Buying Assets

Do you have a child that is getting ready to start their first job and who has just graduated from college? If so, there are some things that you want to teach them so they don't get a job and then start accumulating debt when they should be putting money away. You'll want to make sure that they don't go out and get a new house, new car, and then end up with massive payments and assets that aren't worth the money owed on them.

Opt For These Used Auto Parts To Keep Your Project On Budget

When you're rebuilding a vehicle as a hobby, you likely want to keep your costs within a preset budget. While you'll be eyeing up brand new auto parts for much of the rebuild, an effective way to save money is to buy used parts when you can. It's critical to be meticulous about which parts you choose to buy used. Although shopping at a reputable auto parts dealer goes a long way toward ensuring that the parts you buy will live up to your expectations, certain used parts are less likely to lead to complications than others.

2 Air Filters That Should Be Checked During Your Next Oil Change

When you have it done at the right shop, an oil change shouldn't just be about putting fresh oil in your car. Certain filters should also be checked to determine if they need to be changed, and that goes beyond changing just the oil filter. For example, these are two air filters that should be checked during your car's next oil change. 1. Engine Air Filter First of all, while your hood is open -- and hopefully while your mechanic is checking other things, such as your fluid levels -- your engine air filter should also be checked.