Opt For These Used Auto Parts To Keep Your Project On Budget

When you're rebuilding a vehicle as a hobby, you likely want to keep your costs within a preset budget. While you'll be eyeing up brand new auto parts for much of the rebuild, an effective way to save money is to buy used parts when you can. It's critical to be meticulous about which parts you choose to buy used. Although shopping at a reputable auto parts dealer goes a long way toward ensuring that the parts you buy will live up to your expectations, certain used parts are less likely to lead to complications than others. Here are some specific auto parts that should last a long time and can help keep you on budget.

Side Mirrors

Side mirrors are ideal to buy used for a couple reasons. Brand-new mirrors are often extremely expensive, whereas used side mirrors are typically easy to pick up for just a fraction of what you'd pay for a similar new mirror. Additionally, side mirrors don't really "wear out." While you'll want to be careful about power side mirrors because they contain a small motor that you can't see, for manually operated mirrors it's a case of "what you see is what you get." Provided that the mirror's housing is in proper shape and the mirror itself isn't scratched, you'll be getting an impressive deal.

Head Lights And Tail Lights

Like side mirrors, it's awfully expensive to buy new head light or tail light housings. Even though they're essentially just a contoured sheet of plastic mounted in a housing, they can be expensive. You'll get a significant cost reduction opting for used lights. You just need to take a moment to evaluate the condition of the plastic. Don't necessarily shy away from cloudy plastic — it will likely be cheaper than lights that are in better condition and with a buffing kit, you'll often be able to remove the cloudiness with a little elbow grease.


Tire rims are another auto part that can be expensive but are possible to save money on by browsing the used market. Like side mirrors, rims fit the description of "what you see it what you get." With no moving parts, you simply need to be sure that the rims aren't cracked or scratched. While used rims might have minor scratches around the edges, the rims themselves are very rarely cracked or suffering from any major damage. Small scratches are easy enough to remove with a little effort, which can be highly worthwhile if you're saving a lot of money by buying used.

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