Auto Air Filters Can Make a Difference

Make Sure Your Garage Door Is Secure

Your automatic garage door opener can make life a lot easier. You don’t even have to get out of your car to get the door open. However, your automatic garage door opener can also lead to a hole in your home’s security. Luckily, there are several things that you can do.  Get A Keychain Remote […]

Performance Aftermarket Auto Parts Can Rev Up A Ride

Aftermarket auto parts often suffer the stigma of being substandard to OEM, factory direct-parts. But does that reputation stand up to scrutiny under real-world conditions? Not always. When it comes to parts that modify and increase performance, aftermarket parts usually take the checkered flag. The OEM (or “Original Equipment Manufacturer”) label comprises any part that […]

Using Social Media to Drive Your Aftermarket Car Parts Business on a Budget

The aftermarket parts industry made approximately 33 billion in 2013. A 3.4 percent increase in 2014 saw profits of almost $42 billion. With a reported almost 253 million cars and light trucks on US roads in 2013, the aftermarket industry is poised to increase even more, especially with the average age of vehicles going to about 11. 7 years by […]

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5 Easy Customizations You Can Make To Your Car Without Professional Help

If you want to give your car a customized look without having to pay for the cost required to have the car completely customized, you may want to consider a few of the easy-to-use customization products that are available on the market. There are many items available at auto parts stores that you can use […]

Are Your Gears In Your Manual Transmission Grinding? 3 Reasons Why It Might Be Your Fault

While it’s not unusual to grind a gear every now and then, you should be able to drive your stick shift without grinding gears regularly. If you find that you are grinding gears each time you drive your car, you may have transmission problems that need to be addressed. If there isn’t anything wrong with […]