2 Air Filters That Should Be Checked During Your Next Oil Change

When you have it done at the right shop, an oil change shouldn't just be about putting fresh oil in your car. Certain filters should also be checked to determine if they need to be changed, and that goes beyond changing just the oil filter. For example, these are two air filters that should be checked during your car's next oil change.

1. Engine Air Filter

First of all, while your hood is open -- and hopefully while your mechanic is checking other things, such as your fluid levels -- your engine air filter should also be checked. The engine air filter actually filters out the air that is pulled into your engine, which helps prevent bugs, dirt and debris from getting into the engine itself. Changing this filter as needed helps prevent debris from getting into your engine and helps this important component of your vehicle to work more efficiently. It can also help with things like acceleration.

For best results, you should also have it changed at least as often as your car's maintenance schedule specifies. This varies based on make and model; for example, Ford recommends that the engine air filter be changed every 30,000 miles, while Chevrolet recommends that it be changed every 45,000 miles. You will want to change it more frequently if it appears dirty or if you drive in dirty conditions a lot, such as if you live on a dirt path.

2. Cabin Air Filter

The cabin air filter, which can often be accessed through the glove compartment of your vehicle, is used to filter out the air that comes through your heating and air conditioning vents. You'll want to change it before and after "pollen season" if you live in an area that is heavily affected by pollen or if you have a lot of allergies. You may also want to change it more frequently if you often drive in dusty conditions or if you or someone who rides in your vehicle has a respiratory issue. Changing this filter is similar to changing the air filter in your home's HVAC system, as it can help improve the quality of the air that you breathe in when you're in your car.

Next time that you have your oil changed, consider asking to have your air filters checked. Then, you can have one or both of these filters changed if it is necessary. Click here for more info about air filters.