How To Diagnose An Auto Muffler Issue And How To Deal With Them

If you have an auto muffler issue, the first place to start is to listen to it. Muffler issues sound unique depending upon what type of auto muffler problem you're experiencing. There are some easy muffler issues to tell apart, but they often get buried within the more difficult situations. Here are some tips on how to diagnose muffler problems and potential solutions to fix them.

Smoke and Performance Issues

Sometimes, the problems with your car's performance are due to issues with the exhaust system. A common sign of these types of problems is exhaust smoke. Black smoke can be caused by a bad catalytic converter or issues with the muffler and other components of your exhaust system. Sometimes, having these issues repaired will solve any performance problems that you might be having with your car. 

Muffler Leak 

A leak in the muffler can cause excessive noise and performance issues. If you notice that your car sounds louder than usual when it idles or accelerates, you might have a muffler leak. Also, if you see smoke coming from under your car when you drive or hear a hissing sound when you're idling, then there could be problems with your muffler. To diagnose this issue yourself, track down the source of the sound. When the engine is running, you might be able to hear the source of the leak. It could be where the muffler connects to the exhaust pipes or somewhere else in your exhaust system. 

Excessively Loud

Various issues with mufflers can cause your car's exhaust system to be loud. One problem that causes an exhaust system to be excessively loud is a pipe that has come loose. This can be fixed by reattaching the loose pipe. Another problem that can cause loud exhaust is a busted muffler seam, which can be fixed at a specialized shop. Other issues can cause your exhaust system to be excessively loud, which you might want to have checked out by an exhaust repair shop. 

An Exhaust System Inspection

When you suspect there is a problem with your mufflers, you will need to have your exhaust system inspected. A professional exhaust shop will inspect more than just the mufflers. They will inspect your entire exhaust system from the engine to the tailpipes and recommend any repairs that need to be done. 

Repairing Leaks and Other Exhaust Issues

There are various issues that might need to be repaired to solve problems with your exhaust system. These problems can start with leaking exhaust manifolds, corroded exhaust pipes, and other issues. A muffler repair shop will be able to repair your muffler and other problems with your exhaust system that need to be repaired. 

If a leak is suspected, the muffler will need to be repaired. Contact an exhaust shop to get help with your muffler repair.