Things You Should Know About Buying Used Auto Parts

Used car parts can be a great way to save some money and get the parts you need for your vehicle. The parts are typically easy to find, and the reseller may offer a warranty on some parts, but there are some things you need to know when you are considering used car parts over new ones. 

Salvage Parts

The most common place to find used car parts is at a salvage yard or auto recycler. The salvage operator brings in cars that are no longer road-worthy and goes over them, removing the good parts and putting them in inventory like any parts store would.

The difference is that the parts are used, and often the condition is hard to assess. Most parts can be tested and inspected after they are off the car, and most large operations take the time to do that. Salvage yards that can't test every part often offer a replacement warranty if the part does not work when you put it on your car.

It is important to remember that used car parts do not always mean old parts. Often, a car that was in a collision and totaled by the insurance company may only be a few years old, and the parts that are good on the car are in near new condition. You may be getting a part that is hardly used and will last many more years on your car.

Before you head to the salvage yard for a part, call ahead, and ask if they have the part you need because the vehicles on the yard change regularly, and the parts they had last month may be completely different than the ones they have now. 

Cost Of Used Parts

One of the reasons that used car parts are so popular is that their cost can be significantly lower than new parts. In many cases, the cost is lower, and if you are making repairs on a budget, that can be important. 

Most used car parts do not have a long warranty on them, but depending on the part, you may get a warranty from the salvage yard, so make sure to keep your receipt. In some rare cases, the salvage operator is so confident in the condition of the part that they offer a longer warranty, but don't expect that with used car parts.

Some salvage operations do not remove the parts from the cars on hand but require you to do that work yourself. The price of the parts in these yards is even lower because they don't charge for the labor of removing the parts. If you don't mind getting a little dirty and doing the work, your effort could be rewarded with a discount price on a part you need.