Disc Brake Conversion: Why It's Worth It

When it comes to customizing your car, you should give just as much thought to functional improvements as you do cosmetic improvements. One of the functional improvements you should consider is converting your drum brakes to disc brakes. What many car owners don't realize is that this conversion is easy with the help of a disc brake conversion kit. Here's a look at some of the reasons why you should consider replacing your drum brakes with disc brakes.

Disc Brakes Are Safer

One of the biggest drawbacks of drum brakes is the fact that, when they get wet, they don't work as efficiently. Additionally, mud can cake up inside the drum and cause your brakes to fail or even lock up. 

However, when you switch your drum brakes to disc brakes, you'll get the benefit of resistance to weather hazards. The way that disc brakes are designed, rainwater, mud, and snow won't affect the way that your brakes function. That makes them safer on the road because they function more consistently regardless of the weather or the environment that you're driving in.

Not only that, but disc brakes have a far shorter stopping distance than drum brakes. That means they are more responsive in an emergency. This keeps you safer on the road as well.

Disc Brakes Are More Affordable

While disc brakes might cost more in the initial investment, you'll find that converting your disc brakes to drum brakes can actually save you money. Disc brakes are more affordable to maintain and repair, and they are easier to inspect. Since they can be inspected much easier, it saves you money over the life of the brakes.

Disc Brakes Last Longer

Unlike drum brakes, the design of disc brakes won't allow for water to settle inside the brake assembly. That reduces the risk of corrosion and brake damage caused by water accumulation. This prolongs the life of your brakes because you won't have to worry about premature brake failure due to environmental damage. 

Additionally, disc brakes dissipate heat far more efficiently than drum brakes do. That means less risk of thermal damage that can cause your brakes to seize. 

These are a few of the many reasons why many car owners prefer disc brakes. Contact an auto parts supplier near you today for more information about a disc brake conversion kit for your car. Alternatively, talk with your mechanic about doing the conversion for you if you aren't comfortable doing it yourself.