Need Auto Repairs But Low On Cash? Try These 2 Things

Do you need auto repairs that you really can't afford? There are a few things you'll want to do so you can save money when you buy the parts you need for your vehicle, and so you can maybe get some money back.

A lot of people drive their vehicle or have it towed to the mechanic, get it fixed and drive away, taking the brand new part and leaving the old components. This could cost you a fortune, so you should consider the following things:

 Used Parts and Junk Yards

Ask the mechanical shop if they offer used parts at the store, or if you can purchase used parts to have them use. Some shops may be opposed to this because they make a lot of money on the markup of the parts, or they may do it and tell you that the warranty on the labor isn't guaranteed since the parts weren't new.

You can look at local junkyards, on online classified sites, and on websites that specialize in selling used auto parts to find what you need. A mechanic should be able to look at the part for you before putting it in and know if it will at least work temporarily.

Scrap or Sell the Old Parts

Don't leave the old parts at the mechanical shop so the workers can take them to the scrapyard, take the scrap pieces yourself if you have any that are worth value. You'll want to know what precious metals are on the old car part that you are removing from the vehicle, so you know what is going to be weighed at the scrap metal location. Some items like a catalytic converter are so valuable they are a target for theft in driveways and parking lots.

It can be a real pain to deal with replacing a car part if you don't have a lot or any money in your savings account. Talk with the mechanics at the shop where you plan to have the vehicle fixed to see if they can help you find some used parts that are going to lower the costs of the repairs, or to see if they will let you bring your own items into the shop. It's easy to find large items like a transmission or radiator that are used, along with other components like body parts and electrical items. For further assistance, contact a used auto parts outlet, such as Hardys Auto Parts LLC.